About Blue Moon Cafe

Chesney Grant pouring wineI was 14 years old when my parents purchased their first restaurant. They had three daughters who learned the hard work it takes to own and operate a restaurant, cooking when mom couldn't or tending bar when dad needed.

Our parents taught us the art of customer service - to treat the public as you would want to be treated. First impressions can make or break a business. We eat with our eyes first, so if we have a warm and inviting atmosphere we will look good and taste good. They taught us to put our own personality into our service. I accredit the success in my career to their teaching and training of refined customer service for all.

So in 2008,  with my daughter and granddaughter, the opportunity arose to open the Blue Moon Cafe. There are times where all four generations of women are here to serve you, from my mother Helen, to my daughter Kristie, to my grandaughter Ashley.Chesney Grant

Chesney Grant




2015 Best Restaurant
in Pine Grove

Best Restaurant 2012

Highlights & Qualifications

  • Seminars - National Restaurant Association
  • Food Management - Event and Catering Management
  • Server Safe Food Service Management Certification
  • Management Certification
  • Customer Service Awards
  • Voted Best Restaurant in Amador County 2009
  • Trustworthy venders - We have a list of professional venders for your affair
  • Customized Budgets - We analyze your needs and create a budget that everyone everyone will be happy with